Jeevandhara Rehabilitation Research Institute

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Meeting Covid 19 Challenges: Online Clinical and Therapeutic Services


Assessment & Diagnostic Services

Accurate assessment and diagnosis are the key to quality services. The institute has all facilities for assessment and diagnosis of various disabilities, particularly for individuals with developmental delay, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disability, cerebral palsy and individuals having emotional and behavioral problems .For management of hearing loss,  Advanced Hearing Testing Center (with facility of OAE. ABR/BERA, Impedance and PTA Testing) is also located under the same roof. Multi-disciplinary assessment is carried out by Rehabilitation Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Special Educators, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers. 

Early Intervention Services

We provides cross disciplinary unique quality services to  toddlers and  young children with Developmental delay, Cerebral palsy, Intellectual and Developmental disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder,  Specific Learning Disability and Communication Disorder due to Hearing Loss or other conditions. The early intervention program is also monitored along with inclusive early childhood educational facilities having collaboration with several pre-schools in the city. Early intervention is highly individualized and it covers all areas of child' s development. The parents and family members are also guided how to carry out the same intervention at home also. This center also collaborates with pediatricians and hospitals for quick services when any child is referred. 

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services are available across all age groups including the elderly persons. It provides services for Digital Hearing Aid Fitting; Post-Cochlear Implant Services, Psycho-Educational Counselling and Remedial Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Physio and Occupational Therapy, ADL Training and Assistive Technology. The main objective is to restore the capacity of person so that the individual can be self-independent as far as possible.

Hearing Assessment & Hearing Aid Fitting Center

The institute has the best diagnostics and fitting facilities for hearing assessment and digital hearing aid fitting. It has advanced equipment even the big hospitals and medical colleges do not have. For details click here.

Inclusive School Network

We provides support for full day quality education and recreation experience through qualified special education teachers. We also supports students with disabilities studying in regular schools with contact programs; involves schools to take care of education of students with special needs through Inclusive School Network.  It has a specialized unit for Promoting Quality of Life of Persons with Severe Disabilities. Under Special Olympics Bharat Uttar Pradesh, it promotes sports for athletes with intellectual disability and also Unified Sports for both special athletes and same age students without any disabilities.